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A slam dunk, also simply dunk, is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air, controls the ball above the horizontal plane of the rim, and scores by putting the ball directly through the basket. It is considered a type of field goal; if successful, it is worth two points. Such a shot was known as a "dunk shot" until the term "slam dunk" was coined by former Los Angeles Lakers announcer Chick Hearn. The slam dunk is usually the highest percentage shot and a crowd-p

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slam dunk. 1. nounLiterally, a goal scored in basketball by putting the ball straight down into the hoop with one's hand. The move isn't worth more points than a traditional basket, but it is a show of force, dominance, and skill.

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^ a b Merriam-Webster refers the term “slam dunk” to the term “dunk shot”, which is defined as “a shot in basketball made by jumping high into the air and throwing the ball down through the basket”. M-W dates “slam dunk” at 1972, an

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slam dunk. 1. The high-percentage shot in basketball. Performed by stuffing the ball down through the rim, and generally done with some force. Can be done in a number of creative ways. Sometimes shortened to just dunk . 2. a sure thing, even money, in the bag. 3. what they said. 1.

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Slam Dunk In Basketball - Learn how to use our body's power-to-weight ratio and achieve flexibility to get into the proper jumping position, thereby boosting our vertical jump. Work Out Program.

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An unblocked shot that fails to hit the rim or backboard. alley oop. An offensive play in which a player throws the ball up near the basket to a teammate (or, more rarely, to themself) who then jumps, catches the ball in mid-air, and immediately scores a basket, often with a slam dunk. alternating possession.

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Slam dunk. Definition: something that is sure to happen or to be successful. “The replays of Jerry West jump shot at the buzzer, a slam dunk by Wilt Chamberlin, and a twisting drive by Elgin Baylor are presented in the I,P-T by Doug Ives.”. —Adv’t, The Independent [Long Beach CA], 29 April 1969.

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1 : dunk shot. 2 : sure thing the case is a slam dunk. Other Words from slam dunk Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About slam dunk. Keep scrolling for more.

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If your friend is a basketball fan, basketball-themed gifts will be a slam dunk this holiday season with your game-loving loved one.

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With the sport being over 100 years old and the popularity growing international, the list of basketball terms to describe all parts of the game continue to grow. Below is a comprehensive list of basketball terms to help educate fans of all levels. # 15 footer 2-For-1 2 Pointer 2-3 Zone Defense 24-Second Violation 3-Second Violation 5-Second Violation