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Deuce in Tennis: Meaning, Origin, When to Use & Most Ever

Players and coaches often refer to either side of a tennis court as the ‘deuce court’ or the ‘ad court.’ The deuce court is the right side of the court, while the ad court is the left side of the court and they get their names because all deuce points start on the right side of the court and all ad points start on the left.

What Is A Deuce Court In Tennis? Definition & Meaning ...

The deuce court is the term used to describe the right-hand side of the court from the view of the player or team receiving service. The name stems from the fact that the right side of the court is where the ball is served on deuce points. The deuce court is divided by the center service line and the center mark at the baseline. The deuce court is complemented by the ad court, which is the left-hand side of the court where ad points are played.

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On the other side, the term “Deuce” is used for the score of “40-all”. It also means two in French etymology. If the score in tennis is “15-0” then it is also called as “15-Love”. Similarly, for the score of “30-0”, it is called as “30-Love”. But when the score is tied at “40-all”, it is often called as “Deuce”.

What does the deuce side mean in tennis? - Answers

What does the deuce side mean in tennis? - Answers. The sides of the court are named according to the score. Whenthe score is forty-forty, it's referred to as "deuce." When playinga deuce point,...

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Whomever has the stronger backhand volley should be on the deuce side. This way the stronger backhand is in the middle of the court, and the weaker backhand volley is on the outside. In doubles ...

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What are the "Ad" and "Deuce" Courts? | Talk Tennis

The deuce court is your right side of the court, since that's where deuce points are played. The ad court is the left side of the court. You define what's left and right by what's left and right of the center hash mark. You also begin serving on the deuce side. When you're on an even number of points played (15 all, 40-15, 30 all, whatever), you're always on the deuce side.

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Before the match starts, talk with your partner about which side of the court each of you should return from (deuce or ad). Your decision should be based on each players strengths and weaknesses. Play the deuce side IF you can hit an “inside out backhand” and, the ad side IF you can hit an “inside out forehand.”

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As the first service is always from the right side of the court, to the opponents right side, knowing where you are serving from can help you remember the score, and vice versa. The Ad Court is the left side for the player, and the Deuce Court is the right side (see more tennis terms ). Here are the possible scores based on the serving side: